E-Press Kit
Welcome to Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos electronic press page for event producers and news media outlets only.

Here you will find high quality pictures for posters, news, flyers etc...in web quality, for any venue.
You wil also find a high resolution biography, which can also be downloaded below.
Please use our most recent version, found here, and update your media.
We request photography below by Dreama Stephenson Photography be noted on all media such as magazines and newsletters.

You must have an Adobe Program such as Reader or Acrobat to open. Just right click any item and choose "save as" to your computer.

Event Producers note top picture is for flyers and handouts.

Thanks for your cooperation in changing all past pictures you have on file to the current 2012 Press shots.

Picture left for Promoters: For Flyers and all Media Forms

Low Resolution Download -Head Shot For Venue Websites - JPeg High Resolution Download - Head Shot For Event Producers & Media - PDF



Picture left for magazine optional choice: All Media Forms except for flyers Low Resolution Download -Full Shot For Online Media Sites Only  - JPeg High Resolution Download - Full Shot For Media Only - PDF


High Resolution Download - Feller and Hill BIO

Both in PDF form

High Resolution Download - Feller and Hill Stage Plot

Feller and Hill Logo above for use on your site and reciprocal link --Low Resolution - right click to save.